Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Another successful day out with mommies. It all started in the free water park on River Road, Brandi Fenton. It was full but it didn't feel crowded. The new shaded area by the gated water feature was a great way to let the little ones get wet while moms talked. Zoe had some awesome cupcakes and we had drinks! We didn't do games there was so much for everyone to do. The older boys walked the park like big shots:) The little ones had the slides, climbing wall and steps to climb after getting soaked. 
So for those who attended, thank you it was great! Those who missed it, we hope you make it to the next one. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coupons! Savings! Fun!

How much do you really save with the coupons? I used to do the price match, clip coupons, buy only those things on sale and use a website to find online coupon forms, I did it all to save a few bucks. It was a game to see how much I would get back. Well then I got too lazy to clip that 50 cent off coupons, it seemed more work than what I was getting in return so I stopped. Now I see so many people taking advantage of getting free items just because there are so many stores doubling, triple and price match coupons. It has started to be a trend and I'm ready to jump into it.
This mornings trip to the grocery store was a $6.75 savings plus Safeway added $1.25 to up coupons to a $1.00 savings!! This savings is after the in-store cards savings and items on sale.  So lunch will be burgers, hot dogs, chips and drinks with treats for tomorrows water park playdate! It has a success. So I will like to invite you to start saving, pass along some tips, or coupons! The economy sucks, jump aboard the coupons bandwagon!! All Aboard.

Monday, May 23, 2011

They Say The Darnest Things

Caleb my two year old son told us all at the table that he was going to be like his brother, Carlos. He will play football, basketball and baseball. He is so excited to be an athlete!

Cayla my three year old turns around looks at everyone and states in a matter of fact tone, "I play the princess".

Where do they come up with these things?
Here is my little pinata girl:)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stay Home.Take Care Kids.Not Planned.Failed.

I am a stay at home mom, never planned it and never thought of the consequences of living off one income. I was too busy making babies and carrying for them. For me the kids were better off with mommy never could I leave them with anyone without being overwhelmed with guilt and sadness. I do love being with them, I get frustrated but I don't have to worry about their care. Caring for them is easy, paying for them is a different story. We have no savings, the rent gets paid in payments along with late fees, we have no cable and can barely afford to buy them clothes, especially the older boys! I try to make extra money with side businesses, some have failed, some slowly bringing in some money but its not enough. A single income family life is a hard one, it can be done if planned, but when it is not it is hard! I sit here thinking of going back to work. I should put more hours into my bow making business without compromising my time with family. Learn how to be a coupon clipper and find money saving tips. What more can I do if I chose to stay home without planning ahead of time? Did you plan you stay? How do you make it with one income?


Getting together to find a balance between being mothers and still staying true to ourselves. Motherhood is a blessing and it comes with its challenges. You are not alone. We all have felt the joys, the laughter, the love as well as the disappointments, frustrations and confusion. We work hard for our children, keep a happy home. Sometimes we get lost in those responsibilities and forget who we used to be. We can find ourselves alone and wondering does anyone else understand what I am going through? This group has started to let you know we all have the same feelings and we can help each other out. We will discuss issues that affect us from health, beauty, self-awareness, faith, parenting and simply some fun time. Are you ready to join?