Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coupons! Savings! Fun!

How much do you really save with the coupons? I used to do the price match, clip coupons, buy only those things on sale and use a website to find online coupon forms, I did it all to save a few bucks. It was a game to see how much I would get back. Well then I got too lazy to clip that 50 cent off coupons, it seemed more work than what I was getting in return so I stopped. Now I see so many people taking advantage of getting free items just because there are so many stores doubling, triple and price match coupons. It has started to be a trend and I'm ready to jump into it.
This mornings trip to the grocery store was a $6.75 savings plus Safeway added $1.25 to up coupons to a $1.00 savings!! This savings is after the in-store cards savings and items on sale.  So lunch will be burgers, hot dogs, chips and drinks with treats for tomorrows water park playdate! It has a success. So I will like to invite you to start saving, pass along some tips, or coupons! The economy sucks, jump aboard the coupons bandwagon!! All Aboard.

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