Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stay Home.Take Care Kids.Not Planned.Failed.

I am a stay at home mom, never planned it and never thought of the consequences of living off one income. I was too busy making babies and carrying for them. For me the kids were better off with mommy never could I leave them with anyone without being overwhelmed with guilt and sadness. I do love being with them, I get frustrated but I don't have to worry about their care. Caring for them is easy, paying for them is a different story. We have no savings, the rent gets paid in payments along with late fees, we have no cable and can barely afford to buy them clothes, especially the older boys! I try to make extra money with side businesses, some have failed, some slowly bringing in some money but its not enough. A single income family life is a hard one, it can be done if planned, but when it is not it is hard! I sit here thinking of going back to work. I should put more hours into my bow making business without compromising my time with family. Learn how to be a coupon clipper and find money saving tips. What more can I do if I chose to stay home without planning ahead of time? Did you plan you stay? How do you make it with one income?

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