Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Coupons Doubled or Worth Up to a $1.00

Always be aware of coupon policy changes. I read the policy online in the corresponding store's website. Every store has its on policy. The ads will advise you when coupons are being doubled.
Stores offer two different ways to increase the worth of your coupons.
  • Dollar Coupons Offer (DC)- All coupons are worth at least $1.00 every day!
Example: $0.25  MANUFACTURER coupon = $1.00
$0.10=$1.00  $0.25=$1.00  $0.50= $1.00  $1.00=$1.00
In-Store coupons are not part of the offer. Coupons that state can't be doubled are not part of the offer. $1.00 coupons are not increased in value.

  • Double, Triple Coupons Offer (DT)- Value of the coupon is doubled or tripled
Example: $0.25 MANUFACTURER coupon = $0.50 doubled
                $0.10 MANUFACTURER coupon = $0.30 tripled
All values are doubled or tripled up to a $1.00 in value. A $0.75 coupon is not increased to $1.50, the register will only up it to $1.00.

As of 11/30/11 stores that offer these deals are;
Safeway (DC), Fry's (DC), & Basha's (DC)


  1. i was also wondering if u have coupons to funtstic,zoo,childrens museum,chuck e cheese coupons if so please let me know

  2. Crystal, here is the link to invite you to a free admission day at the Children's Museum. Every 2nd Saturday of the month they have free admission days! :)