Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sparkle Bat Pumpkin

No Carve Bat Pumpkin

My son making the pumpkin for his My Gym students


1- Black pumpkin (Michael's)
3- Glitter sticky back foam sheets
Lime green
4- Sticky back black foam sheets
1- white copy paper

I made my own stencil on an 8x10 copy paper for the wings. 
Tracing it on the back of 2 black foam paper and cutting it out. 
I then made a mirror copy of the wings on the back of the other two black foams
I stuck them both together this way the wings will be hold strong on the pumpkin. 
Cut two pyramids shapes for the ears, leaving a flap to use the sticky part of foam on pumpkin
Cut two smaller pyramids of purple for the inner ear. 
Helps hold up ears. 
Cut two green circles and two smaller purple circles for eyes
Cut your half moon smile out of purple foam and two triangles of white foam for his teeth.
And you're done!! 

He's adorable and found inspiration on Pinterest
Have fun and create your unique bat pumpkin

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