Sunday, October 23, 2016

Work and Family Life It's a Balancing Act

It's hard to find a balance between being mom, wife and caregiver. 
This day was no different. It was Fall Break with two of my four kids home. The youngest sick with a cold. I still needed to go out take me oldest boys to school (different school district) and work. My Avon Leader, friend and mentor came over to watch the little ones while I squeeze in an appointment for my mother in law. Well that's when it all became to hectic and stressful. The labs took longer than expected I was running late getting home and I was definitely not ready to go to my business meeting for Avon that afternoon. I couldn't get my kids to a sitter and I was a total mess!! 
My leader insisted and helped me get in the car and go to the meeting.. but I have the kids with me. She insisted I bring them along. But I didn't put on makeup and I'm a total mess, sweaty from my morning rush.. She insisted I go anyways. But I haven't made lunch for the kids, she insisted I go and we'll grab something there. I had every excuse, every opportunity to not go! But she was there with me and I'm glad I went. 
I was welcomed at the door with smiles. Kids were welcomed. No one noticed I was a mess, I was included and I was given a gift and compliments on how well behaved my kids were (even though we had one small tantrum). No one hushed the kids, they were able to see new products, and samples. 

I'm glad I decided to be part of a company that can offer the flexibility to work around my hectic schedule, and welcome me with encouraging words.

 I am an Avon representative, I work from home and I love it!! 

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