Friday, January 24, 2014

FREE Tax Service

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program has begun assisting families with filing their taxes. This program is available to families with household incomes of $52,000 or less.

Program supported by the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona and various sponsors.

Click here for locations, hours and dates.

Here's a list of items you need to bring with you
  • Picture I.D.
  • ORIGINAL Social Security cards for each family member
  • W2 and 1099 Forms
  • Receipts, paperwork of deductible expenses
  • Account and Routing number for checking or savings account where the funds will be deposited to
  • Last year's tax return

Visit for more information


        Wednesday, January 22, 2014

        Produce Price Match for Week 1/22-1/28

        Apples Braeburn/Fuji $0.88 lb Sprouts
        Red/Golden/Gala $0.88 lb Sprouts
        Red Delicious 4/$0.99 lb Super Wed. Only
        Fuji 3/$0.99 lb Food City Wed. Only
        Granny Smith $0.99 lb Frys

        Peppers Chile Serrano 2/$0.99 lb Super Wed. Only
        Jalapeno 3/$0.99 lbs Food City Wed. Only
        Green Bell $0.48 ea Sprouts
        Sweet Red 3/$0.99 ea Food City
        Gold 3/$0.99 ea Food City

        Blackberries 5.6 oz $0.98 ea Sprouts
        Blueberries 6 oz 2/$3.00 ea Frys
        Broccoli Crowns 2/$0.99 lb Super
        Bananas 3/$0.99 lb Food City Fri,Sat,Sun
        Cauliflower $0.98 lb Sprouts

        Pears D'Anjou $0.99 lb Frys
        Bosc 2/$0.99 lb
        Super Asian 3/$0.99 ea Super Wed. Only

        Mangos Large 2/$0.99 ea Super
        Strawberries 16 oz 2/$3.00 ea Albertsons
        Organic Kale $0.99 Frys

        Tomatoes Regular 3/$0.99 lb Super
        Cluster Vine $0.88 lb Basha's
        Roma $0.99 lb Frys

        Cabbage $0.69 lb Safeway

        Avocados Large Hass 4/$1.00 ea Food City
        Small Hass 4/$1.00 ea Basha's
        Organic $0.88 ea Sprouts

        Pineapple $0.48 lb Sprouts
        Lettuce Iceberg $0.99 ea Frys
        Green $0.99 ea Frys
        Red Leaf $0.99 ea Frys
        Romaine $0.99 ea Frys

        Spinach $0.99 ea Frys

        Onions Red 2/$1.00 lbs Food City
        White 2/$0.99 lbs Super

        Oranges Minneola Tangelos $0.88 lb Sprouts
        Minneola Tangelos 3/$0.99 lbs Food City Wed. Only
        Navel $0.88 lb Sprouts
        Oranges 3/$0.99 lbs Super Wed. Only

        Squash Zucchini $0.99 lb Basha's
        Yellow $0.98 lb Sprouts
        Grey $0.99 lb Basha's
        Spaghetti $0.48 lb Sprouts Wed. Only
        Acorn $0.48 lb Sprouts Wed. Only
        Mexican 3/$0.99 lbs Super Wed. Only
        Chayote 4/$0.99 ea Super
        Italian $0.98 lb Sprouts

        Tomatillo 3/$0.99 lbs Super
        Jicama 3/$0.99 lbs Super

        Potatoes Russet 10 lb $1.99 ea Super
        Gold 5/$1.00 lbs Food City
        Russet 5lb $0.88 ea Basha's

        Grapes Red Seedless $0.99 lbs Super Wed. Only

        Carrots Bulk 3/$0.99 lbs Food City
        Mini 1lb. Bag $0.88 ea Sprouts

        Eggplant Baby 10/$1.00 ea Albertsons
        Kiwi 3/$1.00 ea Safeway
        Cucumbers 3/$0.99 ea Food City
        Lime Fresh 4/$1.00 ea Albertsons
        Lemon Large $0.59 ea Albertsons
        Nopal Cactus Leaf 3/$0.99 lbs Super
        Yams Medium 3/$0.99 lbs Super
        Celery $0.88 ea Sprouts

        Thursday, January 16, 2014

        POST cereal at Fry's for Only $0.99 After Ibotta deal

        Buy one Post Cereal 14-25 oz, on sale for $2.49 with Fry's card (sale good through 1/18)

        Load the digital coupon to your card:  $1/1 Post Cereal 14-25 oz Fry's Digital Coupon

        Total at register: $1.49

        Receive $.50 cashback via Ibotta (download this app to your phone)
        when you buy ANY breakfast cereal

        Final cost: $0.99

        Ibotta is a free downloadable app for your smartphone. You will need to submit your receipt by taking a picture of it and barcode of product to get credit. Build your money to transfer to various gift cards or paypal account! It's very user friendly. Get money back on items you buy everyday.

        Wednesday, January 15, 2014

        Produce Price Match for the Week of 1/15-1/21/2014

        Apples Braeburn $0.98 lb Sprouts  
          Fuji  3/$0.99 lb Food City  
          Granny Smith $0.98 lb Sprouts  
          Green Bell $0.48 ea. Sprouts  
          Sweet Red 3/$0.99 ea. Food City  
          Gold  $1.00 ea. Basha's  
          Yellow Hot 3/$0.99 lb Food City Wed. Only
        Blackberries 5.6 oz $0.98 ea. Sprouts  
        Blueberries 6 oz 2/$3.00 ea. Safeway  
        Broccoli   $0.89 lb Fry's  
        Bananas   3/$0.99 lb Food City Wed. Only
        Cauliflower   $0.89 lb Fry's  
        Pears Barlett $0.99 lb Basha's  
          D'Anjou 3/$0.99 lb Super Wed. Only
          Bosc 2/$0.99 lb Super  
          Red $0.88 lb Sprouts  
          Comice $0.88 lb Sprouts  
          Forelle $0.88 lb Sprouts  
          Seckel $0.88 lb Sprouts  
        Mangos   2/$0.99 ea. Super  
        Strawberries 16 oz $1.69 ea. Fry's  
        Organic Kale   $0.99 bunch Fry's  
        Tomatoes Nature Sweet Cherubs 2/$5.00 ea. Fry's  
          Glory  10.5 oz 2/$5.00 ea. Fry's  
          Sunburst 10.5 oz 2/$5.00 ea. Fry's  
          On The Vine Cluster $0.98 lb Sprouts  
          Roma 3/$0.99 lb Super Wed. Only
        Cabbage   2/$0.88 lb Food City  
        Avocados Large Hass  $0.88 ea. Sprouts  
          Small Hass 4/$0.99 ea. Super  
          Organic $0.77 ea. Basha's  
        Pineapple   2/$0.99 lb Super  
        Lettuce Iceberg 3/$0.99 ea. Food City  
          Green $0.99 ea. Basha's  
          Red Leaf $0.99 ea. Basha's  
          Romaine $0.99 ea. Basha's  
        Onions Yellow $0.48 lb Sprouts  
          Sweet $0.99 lb Basha's  
          Red   2/$0.88 lb Fry's   
          White   3/$0.99 lb   Super  
        Oranges Navel $0.99 lb Basha's  
          Minneola Tangelos $0.99 lb Basha's  
          Oranges 3/$0.99 lb Super Wed. Only
        Squash Zucchini $0.99 lb Fry's   
          Yellow $0.99 lb Fry's   
          Butternut $0.48 lb Sprouts  
          Spaghetti $0.48 lb Sprouts  
          Acorn $0.48 lb Sprouts  
          Mexican 3/$0.99 lb Super Wed. Only
          Chayote 5/$0.99 ea. Super  
          Italian 3/$0.99 lb Food City Wed. Only
        Mushroom White -Whole or Sliced $1.79 8 oz Fry's   
        Tomatillo   3/$0.99 lb Super  
        Jicama   3/$0.99 lb Super  
        Potatoes Russet 10 lb $1.97 ea. Super  
          Baking 2/$0.88 lb Food City  
        Watermelon Seedless 5/$0.99 lb Super Wed. Only
        Grapes Red Seedless $0.99 lb Super Wed. Only
        Corn   4/$0.99 ea. Super Wed. Only
        Carrots Loose 5/$0.99 lb Super Wed. Only
          Mini 1lb. Bag $1.00 ea. Albertsons  
        Eggplant Fresh $1.00 ea. Albertsons  
        Kiwi Organic $0.99 ea. Albertsons  
        Cucumbers   4/$0.99 ea. Food City