Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Produce Price Match 2/12-2/18/2014

All prices based on zip code 85705. 

Apples Golden    $0.99 lb Fry's   
  Fiji, Braeburn   $0.98 lb Sprouts 12-Feb
  Gala   $0.99 lb Fry's   
  Red Delicious  2/$0.99  lb El Super  
  Red Delicious  3/$0.99  lb Food City  12-Feb
 Granny Smith    $0.99lb Safeway   

  Jalapeno  3/$0.99  lbs Food City   
  Green Bell  4/$1.00  ea Food City   
  Sweet Red  3/$1.00  ea Sprouts  
  Gold    $1.00 ea Basha's   
  Mini Sweet 2lb bag     $3.99 ea Fry's   
Blackberries 6 oz  2/$5.00  ea Fry's   
Blueberries 6 oz  2/$5.00  ea Fry's   
Broccoli Crowns  2/$0.99  lb El Super  
Bananas    3/$0.99  lb Food City  12-Feb
Cauliflower    2/$0.99  lb El Super  
Pears Barlett    $0.98 lb Sprouts  
  D'Anjou  2/$0.99  lb El Super  
  Bosc    $0.98 lb Sprouts  
Mangos Large  2/$3.00  ea Safeway  
Strawberries 16 oz  2/$3.00  ea El Super 12-Feb
Strawberries 16oz    $2.99 ea Albertsons  
Organic Kale      $0.99 ea Fry's   
Tomatoes Large  3/$0.99  lb Food City  12-Feb
  Large    $0.99 lb Basha's   
  Cluster on the Vine    $2.99 lb Safeway  
  Roma    $0.88 lb Sprouts  
Cabbage    5/$0.99  lb El Super  
Avocados Large Hass  2/$3.00  ea Basha's   
  Small Hass  5/$0.99  ea El Super 12-Feb
  Small Hass  5/$0.99  ea El Super 2/15-2/16
Pineapple Whole  2/$0.99  lb El Super  
Lettuce Iceberg  3/$0.99  ea Food City  2/14,15,16
  Iceberg    $0.98 ea Sprouts  
  Green    $0.88 ea Basha's   
  Red Leaf    $0.88 ea Basha's   
  Romaine    $0.88 ea Basha's   
Radish    2/$0.99  ea Fry's   
Onions Yellow    $0.77 lbs Basha's   
  Green  2/$0.99  ea Fry's   
  White    2/$0.99  lbs El Super  
Oranges Cuties Ca. Mandarins     $2.98 3lb bag Sprouts  
  New Crop Clementines     $2.99 3lb bag Albertsons  
  Minneola Tangelos     $0.99 lb Basha's   
  Navel    $0.88 lb Fry's   
Grapefruit Texas Red     $0.77 ea Basha's   
Squash Zucchini    $0.99 lb Basha's   
  Italian  3/$0.99  lb El Super 12-Feb
  Italian  2/$1.00  lb Food City   
Mushroom 8 oz -Whole or Slice  2/$4.00  ea Albertsons  
Tomatillo    3/$0.99  lbs El Super  
Jicama    4/$0.99  lbs El Super 12-Feb
Potatoes Russet 10 lb  2/$3.00  ea El Super 12-Feb
  Gold-Green Giant 3lb    $0.99 lbs Basha's   
  Red-Green Giant 3lb    $0.99 lb Basha's   
  Baking  2/$1.00  lb Food City   
Grapes Red Seedless    $0.99 lbs El Super  
Carrots Bulk  5/$0.99  lbs El Super 12-Feb
  Mini 1lb. Bag -Organic  2/$3.00  ea Fry's   
Eggplant      $0.48 ea Sprouts  
Kiwi    3/$1.00  ea Safeway  
Cucumbers    7/$0.99  ea El Super  
Celery      $0.48 ea Sprouts  
Asparagus      $0.88 lb Basha's   
Asparagus      $0.87 lb Albertsons 2/12-2/14
Plums    2/$3.00  lbs El Super  
Green Beans Fresh    $0.99 lb El Super 12-Feb

Friday, February 7, 2014

FREE Milk + earn money back

Here's how it works..

You will need Ibotta app, available here through this link Ibotta.
Set up your account with valid email, and confirm your email address through your inbox.
Download the app to your smartphone.

*Buy a gallon milk at Walmart (price match Basha's) $1.87

In the Ibotta app you will redeem under Offers->Groceries->Walmart $0.50 offer

To redeem you will take a picture of your receipt and submit UPC picture.

Once confirmed, you will get $2.00 in credit if you are a first time user within the 10 days of activation and will get $0.50 for redeeming offer for milk.

It won't take long and you will have made $0.63 back on your purchase of milk.

Credit earned on Ibotta can be redeemed for gift cards or sent directly to your paypal account.

**I've been paying $1.37 a gallon of milk in the last few weeks since loading the program!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Produce Price Match List 2/5-2/11

Apples Braeburn/Fuji     0.98 lb Sprouts
Gala   0.99 lb Safeway
Red Delicious  3/$0.99  lb Food City
Fuji    0.98 lb Sprouts
Granny Smith    0.98 lb Sprouts
Peppers Chile Serrano  2/$0.99  lb El Super
Jalapeno  4/$1.00  lbs Food City
Green Bell   0.77 ea Bashas
Sweet Red      0.48 ea Sprouts
Gold     0.77 ea Bashas
Pasilla  2/$0.99  lb El Super 5-Feb
Blackberries 6 oz    0.99 ea Albertsons
Blueberries 6 oz      1.88 ea Sprouts
Broccoli Crowns  3/$0.99  lb El Super 5-Feb
Broccoli Crowns   0.98 lb Sprouts
Bananas  3/$0.99  lb Food City 2/7,2/8,2/9
Bananas       0.39 lb Bashas
Cauliflower      0.98 lb Sprouts
Pears Barlett  2/$0.99  lb El Super 5-Feb

Asian  3/$0.99  ea El Super
Mangos Large    1.00 ea Safeway
Strawberries 16 oz     1.88 ea Sprouts
Organic Kale
Tomatoes Beefsteak   0.98 lb Sprouts
Cluster on the Vine    0.88 lb Frys
Roma  2/$0.99  lb El Super

Avocados Large Hass    0.77 ea Frys
Small Hass  4/$0.99  ea El Super 2/8,2/9
Small Hass  4/$0.99  ea El Super 5-Feb

Pineapple Whole  3/$0.99  lb Food City
Lettuce Iceberg  3/$0.99  ea Food City 5-Feb
Iceberg     0.88 ea Bashas
Green    0.88 ea Bashas
Red Leaf   0.88 ea Bashas
Romaine    0.88 ea Bashas
Spinach ea
Onions Yellow    0.48 lbs Sprouts

Brown  4/$1  lbs Food City 5-Feb
Oranges Mandarinas  3/$0.99  lb Food City 5-Feb

Navel    0.88 lb Sprouts
Grapefruit  3/$0.99  ea Food City
Squash Zucchini lb

Mexican  2/$1  lbs Food City
Mexican  3/$0.99  lb El Super 5-Feb
Italian     0.98 lb Sprouts
Mushroom White -Whole0.99 ea El Super

Jicama  3/$0.99  lbs Food City
Potatoes Russet 10 lb    1.99 ea El Super
Gold  3/$0.99  lbs Food City
Russet       0.48 ea Sprouts
Watermelon Seedless
Grapes Red Seedless  $0.97  lbs El Super
Carrots Bulk  4/$0.99  lbs El Super
Mini 1lb. Bag      0.98 ea Sprouts
Eggplant      0.98 ea Sprouts

Cucumbers  3/$0.99  ea Food City
 Cucumbers  5/$0.99  ea El Super 5-Feb

Yams Orange    0.99 lbs Safeway
Celery       0.98 ea Sprouts
Asparagus       1.88 lb Sprouts