Friday, February 7, 2014

FREE Milk + earn money back

Here's how it works..

You will need Ibotta app, available here through this link Ibotta.
Set up your account with valid email, and confirm your email address through your inbox.
Download the app to your smartphone.

*Buy a gallon milk at Walmart (price match Basha's) $1.87

In the Ibotta app you will redeem under Offers->Groceries->Walmart $0.50 offer

To redeem you will take a picture of your receipt and submit UPC picture.

Once confirmed, you will get $2.00 in credit if you are a first time user within the 10 days of activation and will get $0.50 for redeeming offer for milk.

It won't take long and you will have made $0.63 back on your purchase of milk.

Credit earned on Ibotta can be redeemed for gift cards or sent directly to your paypal account.

**I've been paying $1.37 a gallon of milk in the last few weeks since loading the program!

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